When it's time to take a break, it's time to pause and stretch

Ergo safe classrooms

Creating 'ergo safe' classrooms around the use of technology is now more important than ever as more teaching resources are being developed for the online space. Redirecting School funding towards ergonomically designed furniture is not always possible but it doesn't mean nothing can be done.

Research has shown that targeted pause and stretch exercises help in preventing and/or reducing the incidence of discomfort or pain associated with the use of interactive media.

Exercises also help in keeping concentration and performance.

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Lifelong habits

Children need to learn at an early age pause and stretch breaks whilst using technology to develop healthy life patterns.

Ipad neck, RSI, text neck, iPod finger, Blackberry thumb and Eye problems are just some of the conditions that are becoming real life problems for this generation.

Pause and stretch is not only for sedentary children, but also more active children, so they too can develop a lifelong habit with technology.

Ergobreak 4 kids is caring for the future generation of workers who are using technology more than any other.

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Connected Classrooms

The current love affair with the 'connected classroom' is leaving a generation of teachers with a pain in the neck and many of your children with a sense of body disconnect. It is really all about posture and taking time out between tasks to reboot.

Taking time to stretch as a teacher is essential for encouraging regular circulation throughout your body and helping your muscles and other connective tissue flexible.

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