When it's time to take a break, it's time to pause and stretch

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"In my vast clinical experience a frustrating and worrying trend is the large number of kids reporting for physiotherapy treatment. The issues presenting to me, in my clinic, are becoming less sport related and more related to postural, ergonomic and behavioral patterns. I am forever telling kids, and informing their parents, to avoid prolonged computer games, to monitor their kids posture and to stretch out muscles when they take a break.

It is therefore so exciting to see the most relevant and up to date information presented in one easy to follow site and phone app. The innovation, animation and information present in Ergobreak 4 kids is state of the art. To have access to the best compilation of evidence based research in one click of a button is simply too hard to pass up.

I'm thrilled to be associated with Ergobreak 4 kids and I'm sure that it's implementation and message will ensure less kids suffering these issues arrive through the front door of my clinic."

Simon Woodhouse


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