When it's time to take a break, it's time to pause and stretch


Q: I am having trouble with my Log In details?
A: Check you have the correct spelling for your email address and password, If this does not work, then change password. You can also close the browser tab and reenter the website.

If it is still not working Contact us.

Q: The pop up window has not appeared?
A: Try Logging out then Log in again. If the pop up window of the Break Reminder is still not showing try using another browser such as Google Chrome.

If it is still not showing Contact us.

Q: Why is the Break Reminder taking so long to load? It is not showing automatically?
A: A slow internet connection can affect how efficiently the connection works.
Call your Internet Provider to check it They are experiencing any technical difficulties.
The other possibility is your Reuter, try unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it in again.

If it is still not showing Contact us.

FUNDRAISING & other Stuff

Ergobreak 4 kids program has been created by a 100% Australian owned business, Ergo productions.

All 22 exercises and ergo tips have been approved by a Physiotherapist and Sports and Exercise Scientist.

The Membership includes regular 6 monthly updates of content including new exercises, animation and ergotips

Ergobreak 4 kids Fundraiser for schools will individually tailor this package to each schools needs.

The Fundraiser Membership when renewed annually will automatically pass on the 5% directly back to the school every year.

Unfortunately due to being in contract with APPLE for the Tablet App, Ergo productions is unable to offer this APP as a fundraiser for schools

Due to production costs being more for the Web APP that is why there is a difference in the Membership price.