When it's time to take a break, it's time to pause and stretch

About the creator

Priscilla Rinetzky is a devoted mother and is passionate about children and their wellbeing.

Whilst working as a health and wellbeing masseur for Corporate clients, she started advising her clients about correct ergonomic posture at their computer workstations and encouraging them to start doing pause and stretch breaks. The same aches and pains were consistent throughout her clients who were spending anywhere between 8 - 12 hours a day on computers with little or no understanding how to practice a preventative care program.

Also working as a fully qualified gymnastics coach on a weekly basis teaching children, Priscilla realized that like learning the correct technique for a handstand to be able to learn tumbling skills on the floor for gymnastics, that basic principle could be applied to ergonomic awareness for children.

Therefore, if teachers and children

were to understand and develop correct posture movement patterns and awareness to form good work habits, these habits or work practices that are learned at this early stage for children could then continue into adulthood.

If good work practices are established early, the likelihood of developing physical problems with technology use may be decreased.

Having previously worked in the editing department on feature films for many years in the Australian Film Industry and using her artistic ability, Priscilla combined all her life knowledge into one project to create Ergobreak 4 kids.

Spending months studying applied papers and research of the International Ergonomics Committee IEA (a committee that promotes professional and public awareness of ergonomics related to children in all aspects of their lives).

The creating began...